Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miami, Misadventures, and an Aussie Book Club

Spent the last two weeks on the road, arriving back to Lancaster, PA's biggest snowfall in history, more than 30 inches on the ground. At this rate, we'll need to get used to that white stuff on the ground, and Al Gore needs to make a new movie. Not much of an apology for how long it's been since I've attended this blog; if I did this for a living, I'd be deservedly fired by now.

But the two back-to-back trips that made up my absence were SO worth time away from home and that new manuscript I'm scribbling madly to finish. February 1-7 I taught an advanced fiction track at the Asociacion Latinoamericano de Escritores Cristianos (ALEC) 10th Anniversary conference in Miami, FL, as well as meeting with numerous writers I've mentored from various countries on their personal manuscripts.

A focus of the conference was brainstorming on how to promote the publication and marketing of Spanish-language Christian fiction. I've been a finalist judge on the 2008 and 2009 Spanish-language Christian novel contest, sponsored by Thomas Nelson with more than 170 total manuscript submissions from over 20 Spanish-speaking countries. One of the highlights of this conference for me was seeing a dozen Spanish-language Christian novels from three publishing houses, of which I'd had a hand in the original manuscript and mentoring writers for every single book. Some of the fruit of ten years mentoring Christian writers across the Spanish-speaking world.

The ALEC conference ended just in time for me to join my husband Marty, who is president of BCM International, for the CrossGlobal Link (formerly International Foreign Missions Assocation) CEO cruise from Orlando to the Bahamas Feb. 7-11, along with 22 other couples in mission leadership. At least that was the plan. The first of snowstorms that have set records in Pennsylvania cancelled my hubby's flight, so I sailed alone (or as alone as 22 other couples can be!).

After various misadventures, rescheduled flights, and a roundabout route, Marty was able to join me at the first stop, Freeport, just as the ship docked so only missed the first night. It was SO relaxing and fun, a break Marty and I didn't realize how much we needed until we were enjoying it. Our return flight was on time, but our vehicle was parked in long-term parking, where many of the cars were simply white mounds. My Montana-bred hubby had thought to leave shovel, boots, gloves in the vehicle just in case, so we dug ourselves out in far less time than I'd have expected.

All to say that I'm home until I fly to Scotland for a conference next week, so should have time for proper blogging. But instead I'm finishing that new manuscript, so let me share with you instead a Book Club interview that Relz Reviewz (Australia) has just posted on Jeanette Windle (that's me!), Veiled Freedom, Afghanistan, and writing.

Thanks, Rel, for rounding out my blog so beautifully for this week (and possibly this month!).


  1. My pleasure, Jeanette! You did all the hard work :) Thanks again for adding so much to our discussion with your answers. I can't recommend Veiled Freedom to Book Clubs highly enough :)

  2. I just read the first pages of Betrayed. I was curious since I live in Guatemala since 1977, and I was not disappointed. My son in law still has the Spanish version...
    As to your blog, writing a couple of paragraphs is just fine. Anything related to book writing is helpful to my writing.

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  5. It's exciting to hear of the push to get more Spanish Christian fiction written and published! My husband and I take missions trips to Cuba when possible, and love slipping Christian books into our luggage. As you know, there are not nearly as many as there could be, and most of them are written by Americans, and so there can be a real cultural disconnect (there's probably a better way to say that, but I know you understand what I mean). To have books written by Christians born and raised in other cultures is a wonderful thing.

    If I could make a couple of suggestions for your books? A lot of people, like me, just are not familiar with all the acronyms out there in the international world, and a glossary at the beginning of your books would be really helpful. When I read Unveiled, I kept having to search back through the pages to recall what certain ones meant.

    Secondly, numbering books is so helpful. I accidently read the second book before the first in the one set you have. Once I know that I like an author, I don't like to read the book description because it usually gives away too much information. So, knowing the two books were connected, I read according to publication date, never realizing that CBD just lists the current, not original, publication date. So, I still have not read the first book because I want to have forgotten at least some of the details told in the sequel!

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